Holoflex—global’s first holographic bendy cellphone

Researchers on the Human Media Lab at Queen’s university have evolved the arena’s first holographic bendy phone. The device, dubbed HoloFlex, is capable of rendering 3D pix with movement parallax and stereoscopy to more than one simultaneous customers without head tracking or glasses.

“HoloFlex offers a completely new manner of interacting together with your phone. It allows for glasses-free interactions with three-D video and photos in a way that does not encumber the user.” says Dr. Vertegaal.

HoloFlex features a 1920×1080 complete high-definition bendy natural light Emitting Diode (FOLED) touchscreen display. pix are rendered into 12-pixel wide circular blocks rendering the overall view of the 3-D item from a particular point of view. those pixel blocks task through a 3-D printed bendy microlens array inclusive of over 16,000 fisheye lenses. The resulting 160 x 104 decision picture permits customers to check out a 3-D item from any angle truely by means of rotating the telephone.

building on the achievement of the ReFlex flexible smartphone, HoloFlex is likewise ready with a bend sensor, which lets in for the consumer to bend the phone as a way of shifting objects alongside the z-axis of the display. HoloFlex is powered by means of a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and a pair of GB of memory. The board runs Android 5.1 and includes an Adreno 430 GPU supporting OpenGL 3.1.

Dr. Vertegaal envisions a number of packages for the new functionality of the HoloFlex era. a primary application is the use of bend gestures for Z-input to facilitate the editing of 3-D fashions, as an example, whilst 3-d printing. using the touchscreen, a person can swipe to manipulate objects inside the x and y axes, at the same time as squeezing the display to move objects along the z-axis. because of the extensive view perspective, a couple of users can examine a 3-d model simultaneously from different factors of view.

“by way of using a depth digital camera, users can also perform holographic video meetings with one another”, says Dr. Vertegaal. “when bending the show customers actually pop out of the display and may even go searching each other, with their faces rendered effectively from any angle to any onlooker”.

HoloFlex additionally may be used for holographic gaming. In a sport together with indignant Birds, as an instance, customers could be able to bend the side of the show to pull the elastic rubber band that propels the chook. whilst the bird flies throughout the screen, the holographic show makes the chicken literally pop out of the screen within the 0.33 dimension.

Queen’s researchers will unveil HoloFlex in San Jose, California at the pinnacle convention in Human-laptop interplay, ACM CHI 2016, on Monday may additionally ninth.

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